Date Call ModeRST (S)RST (R)BandCountry Station
07/07/22 LZ2VQ FT8-19-1010mBulgaria F1RUM
07/07/22 DK7ZT FT8-24-1310mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
07/07/22 PD2ARI FT8+07-0610mNetherlands F1RUM
07/07/22 PDØWAG FT8+08-0610mNetherlands F1RUM
07/07/22 SV1EAG FT8-12-2010mGreece F1RUM
07/07/22 GØSOR FT8-04+0210mEngland F1RUM
07/07/22 DD1JD FT8+11+1010mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
29/06/22 DM1YS FT8+05-1340mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
29/06/22 PDØWAG FT8-01-1440mNetherlands F1RUM
29/06/22 OZ1RH FT8+05-0410mDenmark F1RUM
29/06/22 MQØXRS FT8-17-2117mEngland F1RUM
29/06/22 HA7TM FT8-08-1517mHungary F1RUM
29/06/22 HA1DFF FT8-13-1317mHungary F1RUM
28/06/22 FIGEG7IOAL MFSK1659959917mFrance F1RUM
25/06/22 F4GXS MFSK3259959940mFrance F1RUM
24/06/22 F4JDF/P RTTY59959940mFrance F1RUM
08/06/22 R6KEE FT8+02-2015mEuropean Russia F1RUM
03/06/22 DO6DP FT8+06-0915mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
03/06/22 DO8MKE FT8+05-0110mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
03/06/22 OK1VM FT8+03-0710mCzech Republic F1RUM
03/06/22 DL1HQN FT8-02-1320mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
26/05/22 IU3OAR PSK3159959920mItaly F1RUM
26/05/22 DO1MH FT8-05-1680mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
25/05/22 RX3AJM FT8-09-1117mEuropean Russia F1RUM
25/05/22 HA5AEK PSK3159959920mHungary F1RUM