Date Call ModeRST (S)RST (R)BandCountry Station
08/04/22 DKØND FT8+02-0340mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
28/03/22 OH7HM FT8-12-1517mFinland F1RUM
26/03/22 SP2YO PSK3159959920mPoland F1RUM
25/03/22 DL1ZAS JS8-10-1340mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
23/02/22 UX7QV FT8+11-0915mUkraine F1RUM
23/02/22 UR1CCT FT8+14-0215mUkraine F1RUM
23/02/22 2EØROJ FT8-14-2040mEngland F1RUM
23/02/22 UT5MB FT8+05-0517mUkraine F1RUM
21/02/22 PD1BER FT8+07-0740mNetherlands F1RUM
21/02/22 M6JAY FT8+10-0940mEngland F1RUM
16/02/22 HA7TM FT8+02+0020mHungary F1RUM
16/02/22 R6LE FT8+02-2212mEuropean Russia F1RUM
06/02/22 Z36T USB595917mNorth Macedonia F1RUM
04/02/22 WI4R FT8-20-1417mUnited States Of America F1RUM
04/02/22 SQ9NIS FT8+14+0417mPoland F1RUM
04/02/22 R2EA FT8-07-1312mEuropean Russia F1RUM
04/02/22 UA6BCB FT8-14-1317mEuropean Russia F1RUM
04/02/22 UX7QV FT8-02-0217mUkraine F1RUM
04/02/22 TA2AFA FT8-03-1317mTurkey F1RUM
03/02/22 TF3VE FT8-11-1517mIceland F1RUM
03/02/22 DL1BZB FT8+01-1212mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
03/02/22 RX6DX FT8+13-1012mEuropean Russia F1RUM
03/02/22 UR8IDX FT8+03-0912mUkraine F1RUM
01/02/22 5T5PA FT8-09-1817mMauritania F1RUM
01/02/22 RU9CZ FT8+03-0117mAsiatic Russia F1RUM