Date Call ModeRST (S)RST (R)BandCountry Station
03/11/21 CT1BSD FT8-04-0320mPortugal F1RUM
03/11/21 K1VK FT8+12-0120mUnited States Of America F1RUM
03/11/21 G8SGB FT8-09-1230mEngland F1RUM
03/11/21 SP6EFY FT8-04-0330mPoland F1RUM
03/11/21 W7DO FT8-23-0830mUnited States Of America F1RUM
03/11/21 WB2REM FT8-12+0230mUnited States Of America F1RUM
21/10/21 F5GLS FM59592mFrance F1RUM
18/10/21 DL1YFS FT8+00-0840mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
18/10/21 OZ5MD FT8-11+0230mDenmark F1RUM
18/10/21 3DAØRU FT8+00-1710mSwaziland F1RUM
18/10/21 ZS6AF FT8-20-1410mSouth Africa F1RUM
06/10/21 DM2AUO DOMINO59959920mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
06/10/21 SPØDZ FT8+00-0920mPoland F1RUM
06/10/21 DL5NCN FT8-01-0120mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM
06/10/21 MMØHVU FT8-01-1020mScotland F1RUM
06/10/21 OMØAMB PSK3159959920mSlovak Republic F1RUM
06/10/21 SQ7LRF PSK3159959920mPoland F1RUM
30/09/21 HB9ABV FM59572mSwitzerland F1RUM
30/09/21 S55G FT8-01-0330mSlovenia F1RUM
30/09/21 SP6SOZ FT8+03-0630mPoland F1RUM
30/09/21 DF9ML FT8+01-0430mGermany F1RUM
30/09/21 OE5TXF FT8+17+1630mAustria F1RUM
30/09/21 G3EJS FT8+02+0930mEngland F1RUM
30/09/21 HG8LXL FT8+17-1120mHungary F1RUM
30/09/21 DH2NJS FT8-03-0640mFederal Republic Of Germany F1RUM